Scottish Trace Element & Micronutrient Reference Laboratory

Scotland's specialised laboratory for trace elements and vitamins in health and disease

Current Research

In-House Projects

1. Assessment of vitamin A status in patients with systemic inflammation using retinol binding protein/prealbumin ratio

2. The potential of soluble transferrin receptors in assessing iron status

3. Measurement of vitamin D epimers and development of paediatric reference range

4. Adjustment of zinc using albumin

5. Effect of systemic inflammatory response on vitamin B12 and folate


Collaborative Studies

1. Correlation of trace element concentrations in human liver, muscle and blood

2. Predicting zinc-induced copper deficiency

3. Development of paediatric reference ranges for trace elements and vitamins

4. Assessment of micronutrient status in coeliac disease

5. Assessment of micronutrient status in phenylketonuria

6. Assessment of micronutrient status in children with congenital cardiac defects

7. The effect of the acute inflammatory response on markers of iron status

8. The association of asymmetric dimethylarginine with new onset atrial fibrillation in patients following oesophagectomy

9. ADMA, SDMA and homoarginine levels in patients undergoing liver transplant

10. Manganese and chromium toxicity in total parenteral nutrition 

11. The role of non-caeruloplasmin bound copper in Wilson’s Disease

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